Year: 2006
Studio: Warner Bros
Director: Wolfgang Petersen
Producer: Wolfgang Petersen
Cast: Kurt Russell, Josh Lucas, Emmy Rossum, Jacinda Barrett, Kevin Dillon, Richard Dreyfuss, Mia Maestro, Fergie
Hated by most critics, bombing badly at the box office and not even making half its money back, Poseidon looked more than any other movie in 2006 to mark the death of the blockbuster.

And who knows why? It seemed to have it all – thrills, spills, action, a unique idea with the promise of eye-popping new life thanks to film making technology.

Yes there was a minimum of characterisation and plot and a lot of running and action, but what the hell else do you want? Director Petersen knew that, the cast knew it, the studio marketed it as such, and audiences still stayed away in droves.

Yet there wasn't a thing wrong with it. From the unparalleled set design to the story that lurches you from one catastrophe to the next, it was a thrill a minute. It's in fact worth watching just for the capsising sequence.

Led by 'professional' gambler Lucas, a ragtag band of hopeful survivors ignore the captains' wanting to stay in the stately ballroom as a rogue wave overturns a luxury ocean liner. They starting climbing up towards the hull looking for a way out, getting themselves out of one frying pan and into a new fire in proper Hollywood fashion. A spectacle from start to finish.

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