Power & Terror: Noam Chomsky In Our Times

Year: 2003
Director: John Junkerman
Cast: Noam Chomsky
Noam Chomsky stands for the truth behind the political rhetoric drowning out all reasonable debate in our society, and while appointing a slick media manager would undoubtedly debase everything he stands for, it would do a world of good to the rash of cheap and nasty documentaries made about him, and Power & Terror is no exception.

In response to September 11, Chomsky had a lot to say about terrorism, and snippets of it are collected together here - an interview at his MIT office interspersed with talks given throughout early 2002.

The true value in the film is his words and ideas; the reason he's an inspiration to millions of liberal intellectuals around the world and the reason the rich and powerful wish he'd shut up.

But with the rhythm and pacing of a demolition derby, and set against a gleefully kitsch 80's Japanese synthesised rock soundtrack, it's a shockingly packaged product.

But be forgiving of the format. Don't let any of it put you off learning all about Chomsky's ideas and beliefs - he's nothing less than the patron saint of left wing calm and reason.

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