Presumed Innocent

Year: 1990
Studio: Warner Bros
Director: Alan J Pakula
Producer: Sydney Pollack
Writer: Alan J Pakula
Cast: Harrison Ford, Brian Dennehy, Rau lJulia, Bonnie Bedelia, Greta Scacchi
Near the climax of Naked Gun 33 1/3, Elliot Gould and Pia Zadora are on stage at the Academy Awards reading out the nominees for an award. They're all called things like Analysis of a Proposal and Indecent Innocence, real late 80s erotic thriller clunker names that were so in vogue at one time. This sounds like one of them, and among Harrison Ford's back-catalouge, a late 80s thriller is about as good as it gets.

He plays a prosecutor whose marriage is trying to heal after an affair when the woman he slept with is murdered and he's horrified to find himself implicated in the crime.

It's a brave move by Ford in that his character is set up from the get go as a pretty unlikeable guy given his history, but he lapses into the same stoic thriller hero mode he always does without the Han Solo or Indiana Jones trimmings to prop him up. The story is much the same - plodding and fairly colourless and with a so-so twist.

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