Prime Mover

Year: 2009
Production Co: Media Fund Management
Director: David Caesar
Writer: David Caesar
Cast: Michael Dorman, Emily Barclay, Ben Mendelsohn, William McInnes, Gyton Grantley, Andrew S Gilbert

It looks like David Caesar tried to make an urban fairytale and plonk it in the middle of a distinctive world (truckers in the Australian outback). The animated visuals of galloping horses standing in for heartbeats and shining haloes signifying good people were cute but fairly unnecessary - I gather they were there to make it stand apart from the gritty - at times violent - dramatic tale it could have been. The combination made it a strange beast and with a more interesting storyline it might have worked.

A young guy (Dorman) has aspirations of being a cross country truckie when he falls for a pretty servo attendant (Barclay). But with her living in a skanky trailer taking care of their baby, he's soon learning about the pitfalls of career haulage including a scary loanshark who's financed his truck and the nasty colleague who introduces him to the wonders of drugs (Mendelsohn), it's going to be a long road (sorry).

I didn't really get a sense of who everyone was and why they were involved - particularly Mendelsohn as the villain, and the set-up was more interesting than the resolution.

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