Princess Aurora

Year: 2005
Production Co: East Film Company
Director: Eun-jin Bang
Writer: Eun-jin Bang
The DVD cover of this movie made it look like a live action anime film. How wrong I was. It was about a serial killing women straight out of a hentai cartoon, and though nothing was inherently wrong with it, it took me four sittings to get through it. No, strike that, two things were wrong with it. First, it was dreadfully boring. Second, there's something about the translation from South Korean to English that sucks all the tension and drama out of dialogue, as if it's been written by a ten year old.

A mild mannered, attractive and apparently chaste young woman starts killing people in spectacularly bloody fashion. The cop on her tail - training to be a priest - also happens to be her ex husband and knows exactly what's going on. By the time you do, you won't care.

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