Princess Blade

Year: 2001
Production Co: GAGA
Writer: Shinsuke Sato/Kazuo Kamimura/Kazuo Koike/Kei Kunii

In the near future, Japan is ruled by an oppressive monarchy, and a group of specialist assassins carry out their wishes and spread the grip of fear. When the young female member of their group learns of their shady history and involvement with her mother's death she exiles herself, declaring revenge.

Taking up with an idealistic young man who's becoming an unwilling terrorist and his mute sister, she exacts her deadly skills on her former gang members one by one in a series of highly stylised, balletic, Matrix-inspired sword and Kung Fu fights.

It's occasionally quite bloody for an action movie, and with earnest performances by the lead when she's not scowling balefully it's an interesting premise.

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