Private Parts

Year: 1997
Studio: Paramount
Director: Betty Thomas
Producer: Ivan Reitman
Cast: Howard Stern, Mary McCormack, Paul Giamatti, Leslie Bibb, Allison Janney
Like Hunter S Thompson and Bob Dylan, you can barely trust a biographical tale of a guy like radio personality Howard Stern. His whole method of operation is to mess with your head and play a role.

But it's still as entertaining as you hope. Stern plays himself (replacing first choice Jeff Goldblum) in his rise to his current position as the DJ Americans love to hate.

It's full of outrageous stunts you just hope are true to life and chronicling the relationships with his wife, DJ partner in crime and programming director Pig Vomit (Giamatti, based on a real director Stern worked under early in his career).

A lot of laughs and a bit of filth, it's Stern himself as well as his signature show writ larger than life.

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