Year: 2001
Production Co: Dalei Elga
Director: Kiyoshi Kursawa
Writer: Kiyoshi Kursawa
The inevitable and by all accounts pretty rubbish American remake of this film had one thing going for it; it capitalised on the idea. Simply because of the marketing, I know that the story was about the dead trying to contact the living through electronic means from beyond the grave.

If I hadn't known that before watching this film, I'd have no idea that's what it was about. It seemed to be partly about ghosts living in computers and partly about them coming back to kill people who subsequently disappear as Tokyo gradually empties out.

It's genuinely creepy and if you're at all faint hearted about horror movies don't watch it late at night on your own. There's little that jumps out to shock you but a lot of images that will make your skin crawl.

A group of Japanese friends who work on a rooftop gardening centre apparently discover a website that shows pictures of the recently deceased walking through what used to be their daily lives. A bunch of them start committing suicide, it's all got something to do with an evil room closed up with duct tape (that keeps appearing everywhere) and people gradually disappearing from the city.

While the story isn't very coherent, the scares will stay with you like a bad dream.

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