Pump Up the Volume

Year: 1990
Studio: New Line CInema
Director: Alan Moyle
Writer: Alan Moyle
Cast: Chsirtian Slater, Samantha Mathis
"Find your voice and use it," as Mark (Slater) says when he finally finds his. These days Mark would be an emo and his pirate radio station would be a blog. Of course, it wouldn't work because every kid today is an emo with a blog, and they're not only much more media savvy but create all the citizen journalism that forms the core of this movie's idea from the time they can switch on a computer.

In the analogue age, with teachers and parents constantly telling them what to do, kids latched onto every one of their number who gave them a voice, and in this case it's quiet, shy Mark - a kid who keeps his head down at school while pining for the lovely Nora, but who switches on a ham radio transmitter after hours and becomes Happy Harry Hard-on, giving voice to his contemporaries' frustrations and even better, causing an uproar among enraged parents who wants his identity discovered so they can shut him down.

An issues movie fairly cleverly disguised with a teen fantasy plot and decent characters, it's in a crowded 'won't somebody please think of the children' dramatic genre but works well.

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