Year: 1989
Production Co: De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
Director: Stan Winston
Writer: Stan Winston
Cast: Lance Henriksen
Effects guru Stan Winston's directorial debut proves that somes line should not be crossed. No, not the one a man crosses when he's prepared to do anything to seek revenge. The line one of the world's most prestigious and talented special effects artists crosses when he thinks he can direct and write a film.

Straight out of the back catalogue of a dodgy video distributor, this tosh is so bad if it had any humour in it you'd think it would have come from the studios of Troma. Every horror movie cliché in the book is ticked in bright red pen as Lance Henriksen plays a father grieving over the accidental death of his young child at the hands of some careless teenagers out to have a good time.

He travels through the bayous and cemeteries of the sunburned south to seek out an old crone who can impart upon him the power to awaken demonic monster Pumpkinhead - the source of many a local bogeyman story who turns out to be real - from the dead to hunt down and kill his son's murderers. Only too late does he realise he's truly sold his soul when the life of the creature is inextricably linked to his. When he realises the error of his ways and wants the blood to stop flowing, he has to make the ultimate sacrifice.

If Winston had outsourced writing and directing it might have been better, but ironically the creature itself isn't even that impressive. Being the best effects guy in the world is certainly something special, but it apparently takes the effects budgets granted to Spielberg (Jurassic Park) or Cameron (The Terminator series) for him to really flex his muscles.

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