Queen Margot

Year: 1994
Production Co: Renn Productions
Director: Patrice Chéreau
Producer: Patrice Chéreau
Cast: Isabelle Adjani, Vincent Perez, Jean-Hugues Anglade, Daniel Auteuil, Asia Argento

Director Chéreau's magnum opus, and worlds above the dog that was 2001's Intimacy. This film told an important and breathtaking story in a breathtaking way - with some of the most intricate sets, costumes, production and direction ever to come out of Europe.

A young princess (Adjani) is forced into a political marriage that results in the 16th century St Bartholomew's Day massacre in Paris when the Catholics of the royal court spent the night hunting down and murdering the Protestant wedding guests.

Amid the political fury, Margot takes a lover (Perez) to whom she gives her heart - so he must ultimately give up his life. The relationship she has with her handmaiden as they languish together in a life of ease and plenty is beautifully filmed, the passion she feels for her outside lover tangible and the agony of her circumstances rope you right in. Graphic scenes of the slaughter, stark but gorgeous sex scenes and the actors speaking in French give the film further honesty and reality.

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