Quick Change

Year: 1990
Production Co: Devoted Productions
Director: Howard Franklin/Bill Murray
Producer: Bill Murray
Writer: Howard Franklin
Cast: Bill Murray, Geena Davis, Randy Quaid, Jason Robards
A little seen comedy from Bill Murray's middle years, long before his indie film arrival.

He plays Grimm, the ringleader of a trio of bumbling bank robbers along with ditzy but dedicated girlfriend Phyllis (Davis) and nincompoop friend Loomis (Quaid).

The three pull of an almost perfect heist when Loomis and Phyllis pose as customers in the bank and Grimm comes in to rob it dressed in a clown suit. When he tells the police he'll start letting out hostages in small groups, the three simply carry the loot out, stumbling along with everyone else looking terrified (sound familiar, Spike Lee's Inside Man?)

But the premise of the film is that while getting out of the bank was easy, a comedy of errors ensues that makes it nearly impossible for the three to get out of New York city, with the wily police inspector (Robards) hot on their tails. It's far from his funniest, but still good for plenty of laughs in an old school, Ghostbusters Bill Murray kind of way.

Though produced by him, the Internet Movie Databse claims Murray co-directed it as well.

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