Rapid Fire

Year: 1992
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Director: Dwight H Little
Writer: Cindy Cirile/Alan McElroy
Cast: Brandon Lee, Powers Boothe, Raymond J Barry, Dustin Nguyen
When this film came out, we had no idea Brandon Lee would star in a film as influential and brilliant as The Crow. His first few films such as this one and Dolph Lundgren actioner Showdown in Little Tokyo were generic martial arts smash-em-ups that didn't showcase anything like the charisma and presence Alex Proyas would bring out in him for the 1994 that would be the magnum opus for both of them.

Lee plays a student who witnesses a killing, is placed in police protection and then betrayed by the cops protecting him to take the fall. He then has to go on a martial arts rampage to clear his name and bring the bad guys to justice. You know the rest...

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