Raw Deal

Year: 1986
Production Co: De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
Director: John Irvin
Writer: Luciano Vincenzoni/Sergio Donati/Gary DeVore/Norman Wexler
Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert Davi, Darren McGavin

Having been established as an action star, Schwarzenegger spent the next ten years playing Arnold Schwarzenegger in pat action films that could have been photocopies of each other (with the exception of Predator, which offered something very different).

This time he's an ex federal agent busting a mob crime ring, making sure he crashes lots of cars, causes lots of explosions and ignites a pile of petrol drums the size of a cricket field in the process. As the old VHS trailer promo on a dozen other films used to say - 'they gave Schwarzenegger a raw deal. Nobody gives Schwarzenegger a raw deal.'

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