Reckless Kelly

Year: 1993
Studio: Warner Bros
Director: Yahoo Serious
Producer: Yahoo Serious
Writer: Yahoo Serious
Cast: Yahoo Serious, Hugo Weaving, Alexei Sayle, Anthony Ackroyd, Max Walker, Tracy Mann
In the admittedly short queue of one hit wonders in Australian film history, Yahoo Serious must be near the top.

After showing us all a strange and wonderful world where a movie that looked professionally made could be produced and shot in Australia with Young Einstein, Serious virtually disappeared from screens and the national consciousness for years.

He turned up again five years later in this turgid, unfunny and embarrassing comedy where he wore his political views on his sleeve and forgot to write in any laughs.

The Kelly Gang is re-imagined in the recession era as a modern day Robin Hood, stealing money from the fatcat banks and distributing it among the poor. Glenrowan is an island where minority races and religions sleep off benders on the porch of the pub while the publican sweeps away knee-high drifts of empty beer cans, and the lynchpin of the operation is the bank robbing, carried out by Ned (Serious) who rides a clapped out motorcycles and shoots ATMs to get money.

When Kelly buts heads with the uptight British CEO of the bank (Weaving), the sparks presumably fly, but it was so unfunny and uninteresting by then nobody cared any more.

In retreat but not beaten, Serious had one more movie in him, 2000's Mr Accident, which was by all accounts so appalling even fewer people saw it than had seen this one.

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