Year: 2008
Studio: HBO
Director: Jay Roach
Writer: Danny Strong
Cast: Kevin Spacey, Laura Dern, Tom WIlkinson, Bob Balaban, Ed Begley Jr, John Hurt, Denis Leary, Bruce McGill, Mitch Pileggi

Like many historical events, we get a very glossed over picture of only the most dramatic points (many of them embellished or blown out of proportion) by the news media who inevitably has a stake in the outcome or perception of events.

Not that Hollywood or TV producers are any less biased, but as cinema is inherently beholden to the ticket buyer rather than the advertiser, you know there's at least a commercial interest for a movie about the debacle of the 2000 US election to have a degree of accuracy.

So go in with your eyes open, your BS filter on and remember that we never get the complete truth in a world where everyone has some agenda. Even with that you'll be glued to the screen fascinated if you're at all a fan of history as fiction in films like the work of Oliver Stone.

Kevin Spacey is a fringe dweller in Al Gore's political team when the US election results first come in and Florida emerges as the decider. When the proverbial hits the fan he's called the lead the legal team tasked with trying to get to the bottom of the miscounted votes, hanging chads and Republican legal pressure that resulted.

He leads a singularly brilliant cast in the story of the legal jockeying, even characters you've never heard before. Of those you have, Tim Wilkinson is his opposite number as former Bush Sr secretary of state James Baker and Laura Dern is a dead ringer for the slightly ditzy Florida electoral czar Katherine Harris. In fact, if you watch the final credits that contain clips from actual news stories you can see what a great job they did with the casting, make-up and hair.

Austin Powers director Jay Roach collects a stellar cast and tells a great story full of the intrigue that no doubt occurred but was so easy to dismiss as the American political process gone mad at the time.

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