Year: 2002
Production Co: Zide-Perry Productions
Director: Frank Longo
Cast: Ali Landry, Eugene Levy, Desmond Askew
A teen sex comedy worthy of the lowest National Lampoon-inspired rip off (despite it actually being a National Lampoon production) and not worth 90 minutes of your life except for one thing - the delectable, delicious, angelic, stunning, heart-stopping and fall-to-your-knees-thanking-God beautiful Ali Landry.

It's a cheaper, sloppier version of Weird Science in which a nerdy academic studying cloning (complete with a nasty and despotic boss and comic sidekick friend) accidentally creates a clone of the girl of his dreams.

Realising they can mould this blank, beautifully-shaped slate the way all women should be, the boys proceed to train her to drink beer, love sports and videogames and constantly want emotionless sex.

Will you be surprised when the hero realizes he's not as happy as he thought he'd be with his ultra-babe? Or that the real-life version shows up again and that they fall in love, complicating his naughty secret? Or that the climax involves a bunch of people all running around trying to shag and hide from each other - especially the babe from her cloned self in increasing comic hijinx?

Absolutely not, but it will have all been worth it for the shots of the superlative, consciousness affirming leading lady.

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