Repo Man

Year: 1984
Director: Alex Cox
Writer: Alex Cox
Cast: Emilio Estevez, Harry Dean Stanton
One of the movies that puts the meaning into the word 'cult'. In theory, an underground smash for its imagery, aesthetic and 'bizarreness'. In practice, just bizarre.

It successfully weaves a story about life on the industrial wasteland backstreets of Los Angleles through great production design, costuming and characterisation, and the whole time, everyone's hot on the trial of a car driven by a deranged scientist with a boot full of radioactive dead aliens.

Street punk Otto can't get his shit together until he's approached by Bud (Stanton) and unwittingly becomes a repo man. Everyone he knows is after a particular car, which none of them knows contains aliens. It follows life for Otto and a slimy cache of repo men/thugs who eke out their living in LA's seedy underbelly until the weird ending when he takes off into the air in the possessed car with the conspiracy theorist mechanic who works on his lot.

Not satisfying, but it had okay imagery and was fun in a sort of Robert Rodriguez way.

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