Resident Evil

Year: 2002
Director: Paul WS Anderson
Cast: Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez
I didn't hold out high hopes for this film as a zombie movie. No true zombie movie in the George Romero/Tom Savini style would ever be made and released by mainstream Hollywood to the requisite teenage boy audience because of the inherent horror and bloodshed necessary to make the genre effective.

As a science fiction movie though, it wasn't bad - the production design and premise were actually more suited to the sci fi genre, and you if you replaced zombies with out-of-control killer robots, mutant rats or an enemy army it'd hardly make a difference to the movie.

It stars with a dreary, overlong and completely unnecessary introduction when a woman (Jovovich) who's lost her memory wakes up in a deserted mansion until soldiers from some elite force crash in to bring her into their fold. An underground research laboratory has been shut down with the workers trapped inside, a poison gas killing them and reanimating their corpses into the living dead who survive on human flesh.

The team go back inside and a fairly ordinary chase ensues, battling wits against the artificially intelligent computer that has gone haywire and caused all the havoc.

I've never played the video game and so have no idea what relationship it has or characters from it are in the movie, but standing alone, it was okay enough fun despite a noted absence of the terror and gore necessary for the zombie genre.

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