Year: 1997
Director: Louis Morneau
Cast: James Belushi, Kylie Travis, Shannon Whirry, Frank Whaley
What looked like a very cheap, B grade, straight to video action thriller turned out to be a fairly well done film of exceptional camerawork and some pretty good performances (as in, better than the average B grade action thriller acting).

A young woman (gorgeous Australian babe Travis who tried to crack Hollywood but faded into obscurity) accepts a ride form a weird couple (Belushi, fairly sharp as a Texan yokel and soft porn fixture Whirry as his abused wife, obviously in her attempt to break into mainstream). In a fit of temper, the yokel murders the wife and pursues the babe through the desert. She comes across a military bunker where a scientist (the weedy and useless Whaley) is conducting time travel experiments.

She's accidentally transported back twenty minutes and realises she can stop the violence this time around. Things go wrong and more people get killed, and several characters go back in time over and over again, playing a cat and mouse game among the same situations and trying to make things turn out their way. An interesting idea pretty well executed.

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