Revenge of the Nerds

Year: 1984
Production Co: Interscope
Director: Jeff Kanew
Writer: Jeff Buhai
Cast: David Carradine, Anthony Edwards, John Goodman, Ted McGinley, Curtis Armstrong, Julie Montgomery, James Cromwell, Bernie Casey
It's a classic 80s teenage revenge comedy, but what made it such a stand-out? Maybe just familiarity as Gilbert (Edwards) and Louis (Carradine) lead a revolt against the jocks who persecute them.

Arriving at college, the boys are looking forward to academic success and panty raids. But the bullying sports team, led by Stan (McGinley, of Happy Days fame), proceeds to make their lives hell.

The guys attract every other socially challenged misfit and start a fraternity house that becomes their home, but the jocks just won't leave them alone, and when Louis sets his sights on delectable hot girl Betty, war is declared.

A roll call of 1980s talent and bit part supports and some good jokes make it a fun movie, inexplicably so given the subject matter.

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