Year: 1990
Production Co: New World Pictures
Director: Tony Scott
Producer: Jeff Fiskin
Cast: Kevin Costner, Anthony Quinn, Madeleine Stowe, John Leguizamo, Miguel Ferrer
It's a deceptively simple story - a man (Costner) has a shady, godfather-ish older friend (Quinn). The friend's wife (Stowe) is young and beautiful, trapped in a marriage to him that gives her no prospects for the sort of family life she wants.

Knowing the danger, they fall in love, and when their affair is discovered, things turn ugly when the older man has the hero savagely beaten and left for dead, his lover brutally scarred as well by his friend's wrath.

After a difficult convalescence, he goes on the trail of his former friend to exact the titular revenge and get the girl. These basic story turns seem to take an inordinately long time, but it's all appropriately tense and thrilling along the way, though not Costner or director Tony Scott's best.

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