Rhyme & Reason

Year: 1997
Director: Peter Spirer
Cast: Sean P Diddy Coombs, Notorious BIG, Ice T, Wyclef Jean, Master P, Method Man, Busta Rhymes, RZA, Mack 10, Lauryn Hill, Salt & Pepa

Like Welcome to Death Row, this film offers a fascinating history into hip hop history and the personalities that shaped it, but ion a more overarching sense and taking into account artists from all labels and walks of life.

It's done mostly with interviews, but there are plenty of nostalgic photos from the rise of the movement and the film forms a thesis into why it's so popular and vilified.

Scary too to watch Biggie Smalls in interview footage not long after Tupac's murder - Biggie would be dead himself just months later.

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