Riding Giants

Year: 2004
Production Co: Forever Films
Director: Stacy Peralta
Producer: Stacy Peralta
Writer: Stacy Peralta
I'm not at all into surfing, I only wanted to see this film for the footage of giant waves, which I think everyone finds interesting.

What I didn't expect was the equally interesting potted history of big wave surfing. In hindsight the evolution of the sport through technique and technology makes perfect sense, but like most people outside that world, I thought you got on a board, paddled out and surfed in, right?

Hardly. When a young, small clique of (sometimes foolhardy) devotees spied a new, irresistible and dangerous-looking break, their determination and ingenuity cracked it every time, until we'd gone from paddling out into the North Shore up from Waikiki to paddling out four hours to a reef break off the coast south of San Francisco, and finally being towed by jet skis seemingly miles offshore to ride a break like Jaws; currently the worlds biggest, if I'm not mistaken.

Incredible surf footage interspersed with interview snippets that I thought I'd be fast forwarding through but was instead just as riveted by, it reaches far wider than the core audience you'd expect.

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