Right At Your Door

Year: 2006
Production Co: Thousand Words
Director: Chris Gorak
Writer: Chris Gorak
Cast: Mary McCormack, Rory Cochrane
You live in a large American city and wake up on a day like any other. You kiss your wife at the door and see her off to work. Going about your business, all the radio and TV broadcasts are interrupted by emergency announcements and news flashes; terrorists have detonated three toxic bombs in the city and airport.

You rush outside to see clouds of smoke rising from the city nearby. Authorities tell you to seal your house and avoid contact with anyone who's come in contact with the poisonous ash now raining down in your suburb.

After driving around frantically being met with police roadblocks barring access into the now demilitarised city and unable to reach your wife on the phone, you return home. Pretty soon, she returns, coughing, spluttering and clearly sick. The authorities told you not to come into contact with anyone infected, which she obviously is. What do you do?

That's the question asked by this nervy thriller, and it does a good job extracting a feature movie's length of suspense from what could have been a one trick pony premise. Particularly lively is the end twist that puts things - in a very unfair Darwinian way - right.

The scenes of smoke and ash rising and raining down on LA are great - not big and flashy the way a blockbuster director would do them, but understated and realistic.

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