Year: 2000
Studio: Dreamworks SKG
Director: Todd Philips
Writer: Todd Philips
Cast: Breckin Meyer, Amy Smart, Seann William Scott, Tom Green, Rachel Blanchard, Fred Ward, Andy Dick
Sometimes it's not until you see a certain film you understand where certain personalities come from, and I had no idea until seeing this film it launched the film careers of some familiar young comedy actors around right now, including Breckin Meyer, Amy Smart, Seann William Scott and Tom Green.

Unfortunately that's the only interesting thing about it. Another tired, castrated Porky's for Generation Y, it tells the story of a bunch of college roommates on - as the title suggests - a road trip.

Meyer is the nice guy hero who, in a moment of temptation while worried about the security of his faraway relationship, sleeps with a hot chick at school (Smart). She makes a kinky video out of it, and when he sends video messages to mail to his far-off girlfriend, you know straight away what's going to go wrong.

The four friends put together transport and race across the country in time to intercept the mail after the weekend while idiot-savant Green holding the fort with comic relief (but having no effect on the plot) at home.

Like you'd expect; a few laughs but even without the infecting presence of Green in the movie it's a plain teen comedy.

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