Robocop 3

Year: 1993
Director: Fred Dekker
Cast: Nancy Allen, Rip Torn
Everything magical and important is gone from the Robocop franchise. Even Nancy Allen's performance as Lewis was shocking.

The legitimate social comment so brilliantly woven throughout the first two films (to say nothing of the actual story) is dropped like a hot brick and the movie is a collection of B grade action sequences that don't even make for an action film as good as either of its predecessors.

Weller and his trademark Murphy is gone, along with the plot streams of OCP, the CEO and Johnson - the only continuation is that Delta City is being built, and the slums in the way are being cleared. Robocop joins the slum dwellers to fight off the commercial forces but aside from that it was a big waste of time and a sacrilege to the story already set down before it.

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