Romancing the Stone

Year: 1984
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Producer: Danny Devito
Cast: Kathleen Turner, Michael Douglas, Danny De Vito, Alfonso Arau
This film came from nowhere and really stormed the filmgoer consciousness. The early to mid eighties wasn't really the era for romantic adventure films, and for that reason it stood out.

It was Indiana Jones meets Mills and Boon as romance novelist Joan (Turner) travels to deepest darkest Colombia to help her kidnapped sister Elaine, who's gone before her to search for her missing husband. It's a cruel, harsh country full of stormy rainforests, roguish brigands on the trail of rare treasures and opportunistic corruption.

It's also home to rough-hewn adventurer and smuggler (something familiar about that...) Jack (Douglas), whom Joan falls in with as they try to retrieve the jewel that will free Joan's kidnapped sister.

It goes in wildly exciting directions from the schools of both romantic novels and adventure movies. The two find the stone, fall in love and the race is on.

It's light hearted so comic relief was hardly necessary but a dash of slapstick comes in the stout form of Danny De Vito (who also produced) and the result is a great fun romp.

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