Year: 1989
Production Co: Koch Company
Director: Robert Wise
Producer: Howard W Koch Jr
Writer: Terence Brennan
A bit like a cheaper Beat Street and from around the same era, hero T is an urban kid whose style of expressing himself is the combat dance sport that was vaguely in fashion in the late 80s for five minutes. Players swing their limbs intimidatingly close to their enemy without actually touching him, trying to 'force' him out of the ring.

Drug dealers move into the neighbourhood and the danger in T's life is suddenly very real, and like the best heroic hoods he has to face up to his enemies and dance them out of town.

I remember one brutally shocking scene (considering the genre) that shows the villains pushing a young boy from a high window to his death.

Very much a strange note to leave us from the man behind The Day the Earth Stood Still and The Hindenberg.

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