Year: 1987
Studio: Columbia
Director: Fred Schepisi
Writer: Steve Martin
Cast: Steve Martin, Daryl Hannah, Rick Rossovich, Michael J Pollard, Shelley Duval, Damon Wayans, Fred Willard
One of Steve Martin's more sugary efforts, but still containing his nuance and feel for comedy.

In a modern remake of Cyrano de Bergerac, Martin is C D Bales, a small down fire chief with a romantic heart and a huge nose.

When the beautiful Roxanne (Hannah) moves into town, Bales is smitten, but she has her eye on his hunkier colleague Chris (Rossovich), a doofus with no sense of romantic subtlety who finds himself hopelessly tongue tied around her.

When he asks Bales for help, it's his romantic letters and sonnets that win Roxanne over before she realises it's Bales and not Chris she loves.

Very romantic and very funny despite being somewhat middle of the road. The bigger Martin got, the further away he got from the various idiot personas he honed on Saturday Night Live and on his earlier movies. It must also be the first movie Shelley Duvall's been in since The Shining.

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