Rules of Attraction

Year: 2002
Director: Roger Avary
Writer: Roger Avary/Bret Easton Ellis
Cast: James van der Beek, Shannyn Sossamon, Kip Pardue, Jessica Biel, Kate Bosworth
I'm not sure what's interesting or entertaining about watching the spoilt youth of the world's most spoilt country and their pathetic existences.

Filmmakers have tried to shock at the waste of life (and wasted life) among privileged youth since Class of 1984, and really, there's not much new you can add to it. Most people today have seen hardcore pornos, have taken or know someone who's taken hardcore drugs, and the stuff you're allowed to show in a movie just doesn't shock any more.

If you are interested, Avary some interesting cinematic techniques to hand (in particular is the split screen following Sean and Lauren through class until they meet, talking to each other for the pictures to slowly swing around and form a single picture.

It follows a trio of rich loser American college students and their exploits through a handful of end of year parties trying to screw each other and that's really it, apart from a lot of expositionary voiceovers and the subplot of Sean's secret admirer and her fate which seems to have no effect on the story besides being the most interesting and emotional part of the film.

If you think Bret Easton Ellis is more in touch with reality for most people than Michael Moore, you might get plenty out of it. Otherwise, it's more of a how-to for cool Tarantino-inspired filmmaking students.

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