Run Lola Run

Year: 1998
Director: Tom Twyker
Writer: Tom Twyker
Cast: Franka Potente
The movie that came along like a freight train of cool and ploughed all the competition aside because of it's sheer originality.

It tells the story of a girl (Lola) running to help get her boyfriend out of a jam. He has to deliver a stash of money to a gangster in 20 minutes, and he's lost it - a mistake that will probably cost him his life. Lola has to find the money (or get it from somewhere else) to save her boyfriend.

We see the same story three times, each time ending differently, because what the movie's actually about is the importance in the timeline of our lives every little decision we make really is.

Besides that, it's just such a cool thing to do with a movie. Simple (like all the best ideas), well executed, with just enough technical flourishes (like the animated sequence of Lola on her way down the apartment building stairs, past the dog we've seen twice before) to give it that extra edge.

Nearly perfect as a concept and a film. Potente could have cashed in on her celebrity more than she has - only appearing opposite Matt Damon in The Bourne Identity so far.

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