Running on Empty

Year: 1982
Production Co: Film Corporation of Western Australia
Director: John Clark
Writer: Barry Tomblin
Cast: Terry Serio, Deborah Conway, Max Cullen, Richard Moir
You thought I was going to be talking about the River Phoenix action thriller, didn't you? Well this little Aussie cars and action flick in the tradition of Midnight Spares pipped it by a decade or more.

It's a classic outsider's tale as a young 'un (Serio) tries to insinuate himself into the drag racing scene in the pursuit of cool. But first he has to knock the current kingpin off his perch and 'presumably' get the girl.

From the days where a producer of an Australian film knew it would cost or make any more so they could reflect contemporary Australian life in the 80s, all hot cars, chiko rolls and not a single frame of Lurhmann-esque dreaming about the way we want the world to see us instead of the way we really were.

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