Running Scared (1986)

Year: 1986
Studio: MGM
Director: Peter Hyams
Writer: Gary DeVore/Jimmu Huston
Cast: Billy Crystal, Gregory Hines, Jimmy Smits , Joe pantoliano, Dan Hedaya
Hollywood vet Peter Hyams has tried, conquered and flubbed more genres than you can shake a stick at, and here he tries and succeeds at a very 80s buddy cop comedy.

Hines and Crystal are funny, streetwise plain clothes dicks on the trail of nasty crime kingpin Jimmy Smits, and what stands outmore than anything in the plot are the set pieces, from both of them losing their pants to the crook to using the cars of smart-mouthed colleagues to bash up their undercover taxi.

When they take a leave of absence after the case against their prey goes bad, they return refreshed to discover he's back on the streets, so they take the law into hteir own hands (and mouthy quips) to bring him down.

A signature movie on both actors' careers even though aside from the chemisty between the two it's nothing outstanding.

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