Rush Hour 2

Year: 2001
Studio: New Line Cinema
Director: Brett Ratner
Producer: Roger Birnbaum
Writer: Jeff Nathanson
Cast: Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan, Ziyi Zhang, Maqqie Q
They didn't wait nearly as long to do the second sequel as they did this first follow-up to the tired action/comedy/buddy-cop/fish-out-of-water movie, coming only three years after the inexplicably successful original.

Carter (Tucker) and Lee (Chan) go to Hong Kong this time, so now Tucker's the one out of his element, but he's still a PG Axel Foley and with enough chop socky courtesy of Chan, it somehow fills 90 minutes.

I must grudgingly admit the pair have chemistry, and Chan's hands and feet are a worthy sparring partner for Tucker's mouth, but like it's predecessor and successor, it's a solid example of deactiating one's brain to enjoy it.

Like in every film that had anything to do with Asia, Ziyi Zhang is firmly in place.

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