Year: 1998
Production Co: American Empirical Pictures
Director: Wes Anderson
Producer: Barry Mendel
Writer: Wes Anderson/Owen Wilson
Cast: Jason Schwartzman, Bill Murray, Olivia Williams, Brian Cox, Connie Nielsen, Luke Wilson
Wes Anderson has plenty of fans among the chattering classes who'd never be seen dead at Mall Cop or Monsters vs Aliens, and yes, that sentence tells you all you need to know about what I think of his films.

It's all smarty-pants, too clever by half stuff, and I really wanted to like it but in this, The Royal Tennebaums and The Darjeeling Limited he forgot one essential aspect of comedy. None of them are funny.

Max (Schwartzman) is a nerdy high scoll prodigy whos life is perfectly ordered by dozens of extracurricular activites, but when he starts to fall in love with pretty teacher (Williams), his controlled world starts to crumble.

Even worse, his older, eccentric wealthy industrialist friend (Murray) takes a shine to the same teacher and Max knows only too well who's likely to win her heart in that race.

I can't remember a point, a premise or a resolution other than a bunch of self-inflating irony that disappears up its own proverbial. I also can't remember a single laugh.

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