Year: 1995
Production Co: Constellation Entertainment
Director: Sydney Pollack
Producer: Sydney Pollack/Scott Rudin
Writer: Barbara Benedek
Cast: Harrison Ford, Julia ormond, Greg Kinnear, Richard Crenna, Angie Dickinson, Lauren Holly
It's easy to forget this was Greg Kinnear's bow into the world of recognisable faces. In fact there's not much to remember about it at all, so fluffy and inoffensive it got a G rating in Australia.

The daughter (Ormond) of a driver to a wealthy industrialist family grows up in their stately home and has always been in love with the playboy brother (Kinnear), who prefers champagne and parties to the business interests that consume his practically minded brother (Ford).

She goes off to live in France and come of age, returning to the household a grown and beautiful woman who throws everyone's hearts into disarray.

Remade by Sydney Pollack, but it's hard to see what the appeal was in seeing it in the mid 90s, let alone making it.

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