Year: 1986
Production Co: Hemdale Film
Director: Oliver Stone
Producer: Oliver Stone
Writer: Oliver Stone/Richard Boyle
Cast: James Woods, John Belushi
Vintage Oliver Stone, sticking it The Man like he does best. It's the 1980s and America is waging one of its usual wars - giving weapons and backing to an unelecetd dictator to systematically liquidate his people.

James Woods is a lazy, cynical photojournalist out for himself who goes to Central America to try and make it big because of the military action there.

He finds himself torn between the corrupt government and rebels, both of whom want information about the other, and as the danger mounts he finds his soul as he tries to sneak his Salvadorian girlfriend out of the country.

The plot is a hazy memory, but what stands out is that it's one more place the then-fearless Stone was prepared to tread when few other filmmakers were.

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