Scary Movie 3

Year: 2003
Studio: Dimension
Director: David Zucker
Writer: Jim Abrahams/Pat Proft/Craig Mazin
Cast: Anna Faris, Regina Hall, Jenny McCarthy, Charlie Sheen, Jemery Piven
Scary Movie 3 is the process of drinking beer and eating pizza with your friends while poking fun at popular movies writ large. Primarily lampooning The Ring and Signs (from which it assembles what passes as a storyline), it takes aim at The Matrix and 8 Mile just as joyously.

With veteran gag comedy helmer David Zucker behind the camera (after the studio ditched the Wayans' brothers), the franchise eases up on grossness, and the laughs range from slightly mirthsome to hold your sides-funny. Flabbier than the 80's golden age of sight gag comedies, but more enjoyable than direction the series seeming to be heading.

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