Second Sight

Year: 1989
Production Co: Lorimar Film Entertainment
Director: Joel Zwick
Writer: Tom Schulman/Patricia Resnick
Cast: John Laroquette, Bronson Pinchot, Bess Armstrong

It was a pretty stupid premise and a cast that could have fumbled it badly, but both Pinchot and Laroquette (both of whome seemed to completely disappear sometime during the 90s) fitted their roles perfectly and it somehow worked.

A trio of guys run a detective agency specialising in missing persons. Psychic Pinchot is the seer who solves the crimes and Laroquette the smooth talking wit who wants to use the agency as little more than a means to score chicks.

Over the years the (probably disposable) plot has completely left my mind, all I remember is that it's good for above-average laughs.

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