Year: 2002
Director: Steven Shainberg
Cast: Maggie Gyllenhaal, James Spader
The cinematic epitome of the quality chased by filmmakers the world over - known as 'quirky'.

Lee, a serial self-mutilator (Gyllenhaal, who pixieish vulnerability makes you feel for her like Audrey Tatou's portrayal of Amelie) is released from an institution back into her dysfunctional family and looks set to start at it again. She then finds work at the law office of the bizarrely creepy E Edward Grey (James Spader), and because of his innate sadism theirs is a match made in heaven.

The dramatic tension is maintained by their discovering (and denying) who and what they truly are before discovering happiness in each others love, and it a cute, quirky way to tell an old story.

Faded former star Spader is inspired as the schizophrenic lawyer, and Gyllenhaal is quite beautiful in her way.

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