The Seventh Seal

Year: 1988
Production Co: interscope Communications
Director: Carl Schultz
Writer: George Kaplan/W W Wicket
Cast: Demi Moore, Michael Biehn, Jurgen Prochnow, peter Friedman

I remember thinking, while watching this religious thriller, that there didn't seem to be much point to it, but that may just be because for a film dealing with the end of days there weren't very many manifestations of demons in the form of constantly-vomiting, pre-pubescent girls with heads spinning around, panes of glass decapitating photographers or the like.

Moore is a pretty young wife and mother-to-be who's noticing the world going to hell in a hand basket on the TV news. When a mysterious, enigmatic stranger turns up wanting to rent the spare room in her and her husband's (Biehn) suburban home things get worse, and though we're never told in as many words it seems the man is Jesus, returned to Earth in order to help bring about God's wrath on mankind as told in Revelations.

Somewhat absurdly because she doesn't want her baby born in a world with the apocalypse approaching, it's down to the young woman to avert what 2,000 years of history has told us is inevitable.

There's also a borderline crazy priest sent across the world from The Vatican to investigate the strange occurrences whose fate will cross the woman's at a climax swollen with scary orchestral music and profundity.

It does achieve an intelligent and thoughtful tone, but there's just too narrow a focus to really carry off the theme of the end of the world. Directed, quite bizarrely, by the Australian guy behind Blue Fin.

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