Sex Drive

Year: 2008
Production Co: Summit Entertainment
Director: Sean Anders
Producer: John Morris
Writer: Sean Anders/John Morris
Cast: Josh Zuckerman, Clark Duke, James Marsden, Amandra Crew, Seth Green

A guy who drives across the country to lose his virginity with a babe me met online is a pretty thin premise for a movie that we haven't seen a million times before, especially when the hero's best friend is a cute girl who's secretly pining for him. Like we've got no idea what's going to happen there.

Two things make this amusing and slightly overlong film worth watching. One is Seth Green as the helpful but smarmy Amish guy only too pleased to repair cars overnight while everyone else whoops it up at the annual Amish 'cutting loose' party (which I can only assume is something they made up for the movie).

The other is James Marsden, far and away the best thing about the film. As the hero's macho older brother he's a manic presence, off the leash and throwing his voice, body and character around with gay abandon like you've never seen him.

I didn't really buy Clark Duke (of Hot Tub Time Machine) as a teen stud, but everyone else was attractive enough to watch and mostly made hay of the puerile jokes.

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