Sex in the City 2

Year: 2010
Studio: New Line Cinema
Director: Michael Patrick King
Producer: Michael Patrick King/Darren Star
Writer: Michael Patrick King/Candace Bushnell/Darren Star
Cast: Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Kim Cattrall, Liza Minelli, Chris Noth

As I write this review I haven't seen the first Sex in the City movie, and nor am I likely to. So it's interesting how much I know about the characters and storylines concerned despite not having seen it nor watched the TV show. Like The Da Vinci Code, Sex in the City was one of the icons of noughties pop culture, simplistic enough to be able to convey in soundbites and still images to the extent that even if you've had no exposure to it, like me, you know exactly what it is.

I wasn't surprised how vacuous it was - movies that play wide are directed at the youngest/dumbest member of the audience today, whereas TV can be crafted to the audience according to the timeslot. But I was surprised by how tame it was. From what I understood of the TV show I thought it was fairly edgy and frank in its discussion about sexual taboos not many of us talk about in polite society. But aside from a few asides of the eternally horny Samantha (Catrall) in various stages of sexual congress (or plans to be), the movie was about high living and clothes and not the least bit about sex.

Married, raising kids and finding they've had to grow up, the girls get a luxurious trip to Abu Dhabi where they go through the motions you very much expect from a movie about clothes and being rich. Like the cupcakes they served us at the media screening I was at, it's all sugary surface gloss and an undercooked, aged husk for a storyline underneath.

But it's not about the plot. To be completely brutal, it's pornography for women. It's a girl's fantasy where your wardrobe is the size of most people's bathrooms, you live and work in funky high rise buildings in New York and you land an alpha male from whom there seems to be an endless supply of money. And just like that other kind of porn the script and the acting are terrible. The jokes are so forced they fall flat, and just like the men in porn for males get as many chicks as there are on offer, the girls in this film get so many wardrobe changes it's dizzying.

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