Sexy Beast

Year: 2000
Director: Jonathan Glazer
Cast: Ray Winstone, Ben Kingsley
Ray Winstone is cool enough in this movie, but it's Ben Kingsley who'll stay with you long afterward. Hardly ever having played a villian, this is the role of his career as the terrifying mob gopher Don Logan.

The fear of him - a short, bald, weedy guy - is conveyed as much because of the terrified reverence Gal, his wife and their friends hold for him as his unhinged air.

It's in fact hard to say which is the lead role in the film - Winstone and Kingsley seem to share equal screen time and weight in the story.

But what a wonderful character Don Logan is. His uneducated cockney vernacular will have you in stitches at the same time his icy menace makes you wish the heroes had never set eyes on him.

Gal, a retired crim, his beautiful wife and their best friends live the good life in the Spanish Costa Del Sol until their dreamy life darkens by the appearance of a former associate, gangster and psychopath Don Logan (Kinglsey). Gal has no reason to go - he's got everything he could ever want in the endless sun, good living and devoted woman he loves. Trouble is, you don't say no to Don Logan.

The fact that he goes to England to pull the scam is almost secondary to the excellent character set up, and when Logan gets his just desserts, you're never gladder for a movie character's demise.

The only question mark hangs over the reason behind the dream rabbit intent on gunning Gal down.

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