The Shaggy Dog

Year: 2006
Director: Brian Robbins
Cast: Tim Allen, Robert Downey Jr, Danny Glover, Philip Baker Hall, Jane Curtin
Tim Allen has become the sort of actor Cuba Gooding Jr turned into for years, the sort Steve Martin threatened to become up until he pleasantly shocked me with Shopgirl - a Disney pratfall professional for hire.

These days he slums it in asinine family comedies like this, all of which contain the same tired message dressed up in a 90 minute sitcom about special or extraordinary powers.

A remake of The Shaggy DA, he plays another absent dad who has to go through a completely life-changing (and crap) life-changing experience to make him realise he loves his kids.

He turns into a dog, hypnotised (or something) by a magical dog that was captured in Tibet by a nasty pharmaceutical company. Cue a million predictable jokes about him chasing cats, sleeping on the floor and panting. If it had been a little more adult he'd presumably have sniffed someone's arse and licked his balls too. Other talents like Danny Glover, Philip Baker Hall and Robert Downey Jr should be terminally embarrassed - this movie is enough to get the latter back on hard drugs.

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