Sheena: Queen of the Jungle

Year: 1984
Studio: Columbia
Director: John Guillermin
Writer: Lorenzo Semple Jr/David Newman/Leslie Stevens
Cast: Tanya Roberts, Ted Wass

A tacky Tarzan rip-off and excuse to show former Charlie's Angel Tanya Roberts in a skimpy loincloth. And as a young teenager I loved it, by God. Directed no less, by the man behind one of my favourite films of all time ( King Kong - yes, the 1976 version) Sheena saw John Guillermin apparently comfortable happy enough filming in the jungle that he returned there for this film and the irascible King Kong Lives.

After being abandoned in Africa as a child, Sheena is bought up by the shaman woman of a local tribe. She grows into a blonde babe with a special relationship with the land, perfectly windswept hair (at least on the poster) and an environmental message before its time.

Ted Wass is a news guy sent into the remote jungle to report on some forgettable throwaway plot or other, and they have to work together to win the day, falling in love in the process (as I did time and time again almost wearing the VHS tape out to see the delectable Roberts).

With names like Harrison Ford, Jodie Foster and Racquel Welch surrounding the film prior to casting it could have been a lot bigger, although a $25 million budget in 1984 was nothing to be sniffed at.

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