She’s Out of My League

Year: 2010
Studio: Dreamworks SKG
Director: Jim Field Smith
Writer: Sean Anders
Cast: Jay Baruchel, Alice Eve, T J Miller, Mike Vogel

It looks like a silly teen comedy and to be honest it is - it just happens to star twentysomethings. With a cast of complete unknowns you also have no preconceived character notions, although it bugged me the whole way through who the hero's friend Stainer (Miller) was until I looked him up. Turns out he played Hud, the guy holding the camcorder most of the way through Cloverfield.

When dorky Kirk (Baruchel, his star also rising a little because of How to Train Your Dragon) meets the gorgeous Molly (Eve), his man-child friends can't believe it when she seems interested in him. But she does, and there's no real conflict except for his low self-esteem, which won't let him believe it either, to the extent it derails the whole thing.

It's got the rom-com elements like the climatic dash through the airport as well as the teen comedy elements like the profanity and genitalia references, but even though it's not going to win any awards the laughs are spontaneous and plentiful.

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