The Sicilian

Year: 1987
Production Co: Gladden Entertainment
Director: Michael Cimino
Producer: Michael Cimino
Writer: Mario Puzo/Steve Shagan
Cast: Christopher Lambert, Terence Stamp, Joss Ackland, John Turturro

I don't remember much about this true story of Sicilian folk hero Salvatore Guiliano (Lambert), but I remember that the story of his fight against the church, Mafia and political orthodoxy of the day to secure Sicilian independence was terribly pretentious. Plus I only watched it because there was a very titillating scene on the TV teaser of a blow job about to happen which turned out not to even be in the movie.

With no idea at the time that it was a true story, I assumed it was some sort of arthouse Robin Hood as Guiliano robs from the landed gentry to distribute the spoils to the farming peasants.

A far more level-headed, less high and mighty and allegorical tone from director Cimino would have made for a much more accessible film.

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