Sid and Nancy

Year: 1986
Director: Alex Cox
Writer: Alex Cox
Cast: Gary Oldman, Chloe Webb
I didn't realise there was as much slapstick and humour in the story of Sid Vicious' professional demise at the hands of his American girlfriend.

We meet the Sex Pistols when they're at the peak of their professional success, when Sid is unwittingly besotted by the American girl - Nancy - who finds her way into his circle.

After the split up of the Sex Pistols, Nancy takes Sid to America where they doss in a fleabag New York motel and try to get his solo career off the ground.

As interested in imagery as it is in story (where Vicious' rendition of My Way is played partway through the proceedings and doesn't seem to have any point, unless it was commenting on the chronology to diehard Pistols fans. Also Nanyc's death and subsequent reappearance makes little sense.

Gary Oldman is as usual brilliant in his depiction in the skinny lowlife Vicious, whereas Chloe Webb is just an annoying ninny. Anyone looking for the story of the Sex Pistols should look elsewhere - the story of Vicious and his girlfriend was apparently interesting to some, but the story of the rise and fall of the band would have been better served by the performances.

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